SRI KPR INDUSTRIES LIMITED (SKIL) is a BSE Listed public limited company established in 1988 as BHAGYANAGAR WOODPLAST LIMITED, with an intention to manufacture various water supply pipes such as AC PRESSURE PIPES & FITTINGS UNDER MAZZA PROCESS.

"SKIL" has established a unit during 1997 in manufacture of AC PRESSURE PIPES & FITTINGS UNDER MAZZA PROCESS from 80 to 1000mm dia Class-15 to 25 with International standards with ISI mark as per IS : 1592-2003 with a capacity of 22,000 TPA. Subsequently, it went with expansion and established one more plant to manufactureS AC Pressure Pipes and Fittings during 2007. Thus, the present total manufacturing capacity of "SKIL" is 50,000 TPA.

In a short span, the "SKIL" has got a very good reputation of its brand in the market and started supplying AC Pressure Pipes and Fitting to the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Gujarat etc. for using the same in the Drinking water supply schemes undertaken by respective state Govt. departments.

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